3D Show


The vision was to produce a 3D show to an audience of 2000 in Dusseldorf.

The audience witnessed the spectacular show over 40 minutes, wearing 3D glasses. The cast included 3 actors, 10 dancers and 30 models as well as many move-able props and accessories. Esa worked closely with Anthony Mascolo and Michael Lindsay at 16oz to produce the 3D film content. Esa drove the pre-production and delivered the AV, staging and branding throughout the venue.

Choreography, direction and stage management were handled by the Esa team. The Esa Live team worked with the siblings on music and presentation design.


“Thank you so much; the show was so exhilarating… it seemed to happen so quickly, it was amazing to see 2000 heads ducking with the 3D effects seemingly going to hit them!

Not one person in the auditorium removed their 3D glasses throughout the show… incredible technology and we hope we get the opportunity to see the show again somewhere else in the world. The actor did a great job telling the story from the screen, everyone loved it and was buzzing when they left the building.”