Esa Live produce inspirational, bespoke events using a multidisciplinary approach. Their creative vision is a process that is tailored to each individual activity. Believing you are unique, they immerse themselves into your projects with passion and integrity.

Esa Live understands the importance of brand identity and the relationship each brand has with its’ audience. Sourcing all of the relative ingredients from a venue that is not only suitable, but one that is also inspirational, to event content that not only delivers the desired message but also gives the audience a feeling of belonging and connectivity.

Priding themselves as a creative force Esa Live are as equally proud that all of their clients appreciate that they are in safe hands when it comes to delivering on time and on budget. With over 20 years experience giving the utmost attention to budget, disciplined organisation, health and safety and all of the logistical understanding that is unique to each project.

Mike Esa, Creative Director, formerly an international sportsman. Mike’s awareness and understanding of teamwork is at the forefront in the development and success of the Esa Live group. Mike works on the creative conceptualisation of all Esa Live projects, liaising with each department head to ensure that synergy between each area is consistent, ultimately delivering the desired vision.

Esa Live have produced events & shows in 44 countries & 5 continents, over 23 years.

Established experience regarding every requirement, they have built strong relationships and worked closely on the ground with most of the worlds leading talent and model agencies. The core Esa Live team travel out of the uk and collaborate with their preferred production partners. Trusted and successful relationships have been built and nurtured over the years. Travel, accommodation and event management have been part of the overall commissioned delivery when producing international activities.

Esa Live have had the opportunity to communicate and excite audiences in most of the worlds iconic cities:

United Kingdom   +   United States  +   Germany  +   France  +   Austrailia  +   New Zealand  +   China  +   Japan  +   Brazil  +   Mexico  +   Sweden  +   Ibiza  +   South Africa  +   Canada  +   Chile  +   Croatia  +   Denmark  +   Finland  +   India  +   Italy  +   South Korea  +   Netherlands  +   Austria  +   Norway  +   Spain  +   Ukraine