Esa Live were commissioned to produce the very first Aveda Global Creative awards at their bi-annual congress event in Minneapolis, this included producing 8 stage shows with teams from 6 countries as well as the 2 hour awards event to over 4000 attendees. The Esa Live team also produced the finale headline show with Aveda’s International Creative Director Antoinette Beenders which resulted in a standing ovation.


The very first Global Awards event for our organisation has been deemed to be a huge success, by not only the thousands of hairdressers from around the world who attended, but also by the Senior Management of Aveda and Estee Lauder. Mike, we knew when we enrolled you and your team, that we were in safe hands, but you guys over delivered. Each of the 8 stage performances throughout the evening were totally different, which was remarkable and the awards themselves were so slick, professional and the tempo of the evening was on point.