Tigi European


Tigi’s european release takes place in a different european city bi-annually. In 2014 the location was berlin. Esa was commissioned to source a venue that was relatively intimate whilst being a spectacular space in one of the coolest cities in europe to host an audience of 2400.
That venue became the tempadrome.

The deliverables were as follows, venue sourcing, full event production, development of the overall creative in terms of show and event content, logistics and travel re the team travelling from the uk, sourcing and contracting all talent sourced within germany and the uk, pre-production liaison with the clients’ marketing department to take a brief re brand messaging and event scheduling.

One of the client’s objectives was to push the boundaries in terms of creativity, therefore having a spectacular finale that had a brand connecting story that would be remembered.

“Tigi tales” was a stage performance that translated to each of the product brands, creating a total vision and aspiration for the attendees. The show was narrated throughout, ensuring the audience felt they were on a journey and the cast included 60 models, 10 dancers and aerialists, ending with a climatic finale that strongly delivered the core message of the overall event.


“Wow, the best show ever”

“The show fitted perfectly with berlin.”

I have never heard over 2000 people being so quiet in one room; the show was breathtaking”

“Well done to esa for doing such a great job with what was generally seen as a challenging budget”

“The products just came alive in the show, the audience really felt it”

“The venue was stunning and so perfect for the event”

“Everyone was so pumped up for the after party following that spectacular colour finale”

“How can you possibly beat this?! Good luck in vegas 2015”